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> That said, it would be better if you first check said options work locally.

I wasn't clear, but I did test it, and it works: the only problem I
encountered is address space exhaustion: I have a 32-bit box, and ASAN
uses a lot of virtual address space (for shadow pages), so with a lot
of memory or many thread you can hit the 3G limit.
So we should only run this on 64-bit machine (see below for more details).

> I can add environment variables and configure options specific to a buildbot. Just tell me which ones (and which buildbot (preferably yours ? :-)).

Yeah, I barely have a day-to-day machine, so I'm afraid I can't help here :-)

I guess we could go for any non-stable buildbot meeting the following criteria:
- Linux 64-bit
- clang >= 3.1 or gcc >= 4.8

But it would be great if someone could test the patch locally on a
64-bit machine before I commit it.

$ patch -p1 < ~/asan.diff && autoconf && autoheader && ./configure
--with-address-sanitizer && make
$ ASAN_OPTIONS=handle_segv=0 ./python -m test -vG -uall
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