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If on one hand I agree that Python being in C:\PythonXX is not optimal for all the reasons which have been mentioned so far, changing such an old established aspect of the interpreter would be too much disruptive as a change.
To say one, being that on Windows 'python' is not recognized as a command, some folks rely on it simply living in C:\Python** and make that assumption into their scripts (I did exactly this in psutil:

I agree with what Martin says here:
We should let Python live in C\:PythonXX and just fix permissions during installation so that when the installation completes C:\PythonXX will not be writable by limited users. 
If this introduces a performance issue because the pyd files cannot be created afterwards then simply create pyd files as part of the installation process (this should be done if "install for all users" option is checked).
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