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2014-04-27 10:30 GMT+02:00 Charles-Fran├žois Natali <>:
>> I read again some remarks about alignement, it was suggested to provide allocators providing an address aligned to a requested alignement. This topic was already discussed in #18835.
> The alignement issue is really orthogonal to the calloc one, so IMO
> this shouldn't be discussed here (and FWIW I don't think we should
> expose those: alignement only matters either for concurrency or SIMD
> instructions, and I don't think we should try to standardize this kind
> of API, it's way to special-purpose (then we'd have to think about
> huge pages, etc...). Whereas calloc is a simple and immediately useful
> addition, not only for Numpy but also CPython).

This issue was opened to be able to use tracemalloc on numpy. I would
like to make sure that calloc is enough for numpy. I would prefer to
change the malloc API only once.
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