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Author tiwilliam
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Date 2014-04-24.23:53:21
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I played around with different file and chunk sizes using attached benchmark script.

After several test runs I think 1024 * 16 would be the biggest win without losing too many μs on small seeks. You can find my benchmark output here:

My test data was generated with following commands:

dd if=/dev/random of=10K bs=1024 count=10
dd if=/dev/random of=1M bs=1024 count=1000
dd if=/dev/random of=5M bs=1024 count=5000
dd if=/dev/random of=100M bs=1024 count=100000
dd if=/dev/random of=1000M bs=1024 count=1000000
gzip 10K 1M 5M 100M 1000M
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