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The default locale on Fedora is indeed UTF-8 these days - the problem is that *users* are used to being able to use "LANG=C" to force the POSIX locale (whether for testing purposes or other reasons), and that currently means system utilities written in Python may fail in such situations if used with UTF-8 data from the filesystem (or elsewhere). (I believe there may also be other cases where POSIX mandates the use of the C locale, but Toshio would be in a better position than I am to confirm whether or not that is actually the case).

So perhaps this is best left in a "wait & see" mode for now - as the Fedora migration to Python 3 progresses, if the folks working on that find specific utilities where the Python 3.4 standard stream handling in the C locale appears problematic, then Slavek & Toshio can bring them up here.

The counterargument is that if we're going to change it, 3.4.1 would be a better time frame than 3.4.2. In that case, the task of identifying specific Fedora utilities of concern still falls back on Toshio & Slavek, but it would be a matter of going hunting for them specifically *now*, rather than waiting until they come up over the course of the migration.
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