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Date 2014-04-08.04:18:39
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Serhiy Storchaka wrote:
> TCL_VERSION should be set before call of Tcl_FindExecutable() (for correct Tcl
> encodings initialization). Tcl_FindExecutable() is called in PyInit__tkinter().

I assume you mean TCL_LIBRARY (since TCL_VERSION is #defined in Tcl.h)?  You are correct though, I missed that part of the comment at the top of tkinter._fix.  However, I don't know what issues arise from not having TCL_LIBRARY set before Tcl_FindExecutable() (I haven't seen any problems, but I live in an ASCII world).  Also, I have tried stepping through the Tcl_FindExecutable() call in PyInit__tkinter() with the VS debugger, and didn't see anything that looked like it was trying to read TCL_LIBRARY or hit the filesystem at all, which makes me suspect that it may not actually need TCL_LIBRARY prior to Tcl_FindExecutable().  Can you give me steps to reproduce problems with not having TCL_LIBRARY set that early?
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