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Date 2014-03-29.17:41:08
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> P.S.
>   I'm not sure exactly how the regular development protocol
> goes around here so, just for the record, please know that no
> offense in intended with this ping. :-)

What you did is just right.  The offer to help move things along is
both effective and appreciated!

One thing you can do is determine which patch (likely the most recent
one) is the most appropriate and then apply it to a local clone of the
repo and run the test suite.  It probably won't apply cleanly but I'm
sure it wouldn't take much to fix that.  Then you can make a note in
the issue as to what you find.  Doing this is probably unnecessary
(and I don't want to waste your time), but it would also be a good way
to get familiar with our workflow, particularly relative to mercurial.

Another thing you can do is see if there are any outstanding review
comments that have not been addressed.  Next to each patch should be a
review link that will take you to the web-based code review tool we
use.  If the patch has any unresolved feedback, you could address it
in your own "fork" of the patch and attach it to this ticket.

Finally, you could review the patch yourself through the same link.
My guess is that Victor hadn't gotten sufficient eyes on his patch.
Furthermore we typically don't commit anything until we get another
committer to have a look, so that may be a blocker as well.

Posting to the core-mentorship list
( will help
get more eyes on this issue if you are interested in getting more
involved, which it sounds like you are.

FYI, we've been working on a comprehensive guide to our development
process.  You will find it at  That
should help get you rolling. :)
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