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Date 2014-03-28.10:09:55
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Some comments:

* Please provide some background information how widely the encoding is used. I get less than 1000 hits in Google when looking for "TCVN 5712:1993". Now, the encoding was a standard in Vietnam, but it has been updated in 1999 to TCVN 5712:1999. There's also an encoding called VSCII.

* In the file you write "kind of TCVN 5712:1993 VN3 with CP1252 additions". This won't work, since we can only accept codecs which are based on set standards. It would be better to provide a link to an official Unicode character set mapping table and then use the script on this table.

* For Vietnamese, Python already provides cp1258 - how much is this encoding used in comparison to e.g. TCVN 5712:1993 ?


 * Vietnamese encodings:

 * East Asian encodings:
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