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Sorry guys, library loading of a freezed binary is different to interpreter mode. This is a bug in freeze, or at least an undocumented missing feature of freeze. This is no side discussion.

And, in Python 3.2 this was working! As described above, just creating a subdir psycopg2 in the working direktory of the frozen binary containing a link to the library. This is a fact. I have two working production systems using this mechanism under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ok, psycopg2 seems to load the so file indirectly over, however, the interpreter and older versions of freeze support that. The psycopg2 guys do not see any problem in that, see the closed entry linked above in their bug database.

A workaround/hack I am using successfully now is to replace any 'import psycopg2._psycopg' by 'import _psycopg' in all /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/psycopg2/*.py files and to set PYTHONPATH=//usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/psycopg2 prior execution of the frozen binary. I found this only by playing around several days, there is NO documentation about that. The advices statically linking etc. given here are too superficial. Any more helful/concrete advices (outside of this thread) seem to cost money.

I wanted and still want help to fix this by giving detailed reports.
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