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Author dfarrell07
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Date 2014-03-26.16:08:32
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> Ah, in case I wasn't clear: what unittest failures that you are seeing are not covered by issue 20939?

The unit test failures I'm seeing are different in at least two ways: 1) A larger set of tests failing than mentioned in Issue 20939; 2) Their failure was an assertion FAIL, mine are ERRORS related to https being an unknown URL type.

Here are the unit tests that are failing, extracted from that massive dump of info. 

The following block are all failing with "urllib.error.URLError: <urlopen error unknown url type: https>":

test_license_exists_at_url (test.test_site.ImportSideEffectTests) ... ERROR
test_issue16464 (test.test_urllib2.MiscTests) ... ERROR
test_close (test.test_urllib2net.CloseSocketTest) ... ERRO
test_http_basic (test.test_urllib2net.TimeoutTest) ... ERROR
test_http_default_timeout (test.test_urllib2net.TimeoutTest) ... ERROR
test_http_no_timeout (test.test_urllib2net.TimeoutTest) ... ERROR
test_http_timeout (test.test_urllib2net.TimeoutTest) ... ERROR
testURLread (test.test_urllibnet.URLTimeoutTest) ... ERROR
test_basic (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_fileno (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_geturl (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_info (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_readlines (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_basic (test.test_urllibnet.urlretrieveNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_data_header (test.test_urllibnet.urlretrieveNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_header (test.test_urllibnet.urlretrieveNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_reporthook (test.test_urllibnet.urlretrieveNetworkTests) ... ERROR
test_specified_path (test.test_urllibnet.urlretrieveNetworkTests) ... ERROR

This one is failing with the very similar "OSError: [Errno url error] unknown url type: 'https":

test_getcode (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ERROR
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