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Date 2014-03-26.10:39:11
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> Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> "I don't really like the idea of complicating our build tools even
> more. Can't you simply prune the install tree yourself?"
> In the embedded world, the (cross) compilation process is very complex
> and slow. Being able to disable features makes this task simpler.

That's not really the point. The question is why we should have to
maintain this ourselves. It is easy for interested people to maintain
their own forks, especially when *removing* stuff.

For the record, we don't have a single cross-compiling buildbot: it
isn't a supported setup.

> 0002-Add-an-option-to-disable-installation-of-test-module.patch is
> interested. I never understand why Python installs its test suite. Who
> use this test suite installed on the system? Maybe the packager of the
> module to test Python. Ok, but the test suite can then be removed.

How else do you want to test that your Python installation works, other
than running the test suite?
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