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Date 2014-03-25.08:42:11
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These are a good step toward bringing the otherwise neglected Python build system back to the real world in terms of standard functionality, and will among other things, make life an absolute pleasure for downstreams and users alike.

"User-Serviceable" options are expected (in particular in autotools-based build systems), *not* a luxury, and have been missing from the start.

A complicated build system is not a function its feature-set or flexibility, but of the quality of its evolution.

There is also a distinction between the ability to customise the options of a build, and the defaults of those options. "Will no longer be a standard library" is a straw man.

These patches present only as a user-configurable extension to otherwise statically defined configurations that must be patched manually to modify. This is painful.

With my downstream (FreeBSD) porter & consumer-and-hacker-of-Python-build-mechanics hat on, I'd like to see these and more 'options' out-of-the-box.
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