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Author schlamar
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Date 2014-03-21.07:52:56
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I can reproduce this one. There are a few conditions which needs to be met:

- Linux line endings 
- File needs to have at least x lines (empty lines are fine). I guess this is the point why no one could reproduce it. The attached file has 19 lines but probably no one copy/pasted the empty lines. Downloading the file reproduces this in my case. The length of the encoding declaration is relevant to the number of required newlines. `#coding:latin-1` fails at a file with 19 lines, `#coding: latin-1` (whitespace added) requires 20 lines.

More observations:

- Also reproducible if utf8 is used as alias for utf-8 (`#coding: utf8` + 17 lines), but not reproducible with utf-8  
- Python 3.4 is affected, too
- No issues on Python 3.3.2
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