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Date 2014-03-21.00:48:13
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I'd like to argue with the wise words of Nick Coghlan here:

There's a great saying in the usability world: "You can't document your way out of a usability problem". What it means is that if all the affordances of your application (or programming language!) push users towards a particular logical conclusion ([...]), having a caveat in your documentation isn't going to help, because people aren't even going to think to ask the question. It doesn't matter if you originally had a good reason for the behaviour, you've ended up in a place where your behaviour is confusing and inconsistent, because there is one piece of behaviour that is out of line with an otherwise consistent mental model. 

This was said in context of the bool(datetime.time) discussion, but I think it applies here as well. The rest of Python consistently raises an exception when something would block in non-blocking mode. This is reasonable behavior to expect. I agree that we shouldn't suddenly break this, but emitting a deprecation warning in Python 3.5, and changing the default in 3.6 seems reasonable to me. This is three years of transition time, and based on my random sampling so far, I doubt that there are a lot of affected modules or applications.
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