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The `hg commit -l ...` tricks are just for those who tend to use exactly the same text for commit message and NEWS, and I only point them out simply because I don't know how many people are even aware of the -l option :).  If you want to use a NEWS entry as a base for a commit message without the two being exactly the same, it's also fairly easy to do ` | hg commit -l - && hg commit --amend` which will open the commit message in your usual commit message editor (at the cost of rolling back and re-doing the commit).

I also just thought of adding a 'who wrote it' question, and I like the idea of using it to manage Misc/ACKS.  I'm also intrigued by the suggestion of using Tkinter (when available), and the WhatsNew management.  But as you said, one thing at a time :)

First thing is, decide what we're actually going to do. obviously needs a fair bit of work before we can use it regularly, which I don't mind doing, but only if it will actually be used ;)
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