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Date 2014-03-19.10:47:36
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I ran pyflakes on Python 3.5. Attached patch removes unused imports.

Sometimes, it's tricky to decide if an import is useless or if it is part of the API.

Strange example using import to define a method!
class Message:
    def get_charsets(self, failobj=None):
    # I.e. def walk(self): ...
    from email.iterators import walk

For the email module, I moved "from quopri import decodestring as _qdecode" from Lib/email/ to email submodules where it used.

I made a similar change in multiprocessing for "from subprocess import _args_from_interpreter_flags".

Since "_qdecode" and "_args_from_interpreter_flags" are private functions, I don't consider that they were part of the public API.

Removing imports might reduce the Python memory footprint and speedup the Python startup.
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