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Date 2014-03-15.09:01:29
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Ya. The original request I think is ok because by allowing that flag it
will replace files and dirs.
On Mar 14, 2014 7:15 PM, "R. David Murray" <> wrote:

> R. David Murray added the comment:
> I don't know what "the method already allows for existing files" means.
>  Since the target directory can't exist, there can be no existing files.
> In unix, this kind of capability is provided by a combination of shell
> globbing and 'cp -r', and by default it does replace existing files.  So it
> would be reasonable for exists_ok to mean exactly that: replace anything
> that currently exists, if it does.
> I think that would be a reasonable API, but the implementation isn't as
> simple as just passing through the exists_ok flag to makedirs.
> I do not think that *just* making it OK for the destination directory to
> exist would be a good API.
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