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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-03-12.14:47:24
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>>1. Idle is getting out of the business of formatting signatures. If we >>use inspect, '(...)' should simply be replaced (in 3.3+) by >>str(inspect.signature(ob)). (I plan to change calltips to do this >>instead of using two older inspect functions.)  Using inspect creates >>the problems of getting ob.

This means instead of manually formatting,we use inspect.signature()?(Shall i try to first it on calltips and get back with the result?)

>>3. The patch does not handle nested classes (or their methods). If >>nested classes are found in the dictionary of 'methods' of the >>enclosing class, this should be possible to keep track of.

I think this is because pyclbr is responsible for parsing the source.(This patch only tries to extract the signature,given the method/class).issue1612262 also seems to convey that pyclbr is unable to detect nested classes.

So i will try to make changes to pyclbr , to detect nested classes.

After i complete the above two,i will report here and try to work on 
>>- add popup menu with more options (e.g. doc strings, base classes, >>imports)" possible. Docstrings could be kept as a view objest with >>start and stop positions until requested.

Also, your suggestion to import the class/methods only once ,will improve the performance,especially on bigger files.I'll modify the patch to reflect this too.
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