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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2014-03-10.11:26:54
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I was more interested in the import time, and it has slightly increased. Memory consumption ((32**2+2*85**2)*sys.getsizeof(b'xx')/2**10 + sys.getsizeof(dict.fromkeys(range(32**2))) + 2*sys.getsizeof(dict.fromkeys(range(85**2))) + 2*(85**2-256)*sys.getsizeof(85**2) < 1MB) was seemed small compared with the overall memory usage of Python (20-25MB), so I were ignored it.

No need for lazy initialization of small tables, and the overhead of the _init_*85_tables() call for every encoding/decoding operation may be too large. Here is simpler patch.
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