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Date 2014-03-04.19:24:55
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Here's a patch that seems to work; with it applied, I can run `PCbuild\python_d.exe -m test -uall -rF test_tcl test_tk test_ttk_textonly test_ttk_guionly test_idle` through at least 115 rounds of testing with no warnings or errors aside from a locale warning from test_idle the first time around.  Hacking up my rc1 install with a fresh _tkinter.pyd and patched tkinter/, the tests all pass, but I still get the 'can't invoke "event" command: application has been destroyed' message from test_ttk_guionly.

Terry, would you mind checking how this impacts all of the Tkinter test interaction issues you're seeing?

Since this is the first non-superficial semantic C patch I've submitted, I have no doubt that it can use a lot of work :).  There are a few comments in places where I'm not really sure how best to do things that I'd really appreciate input on.  It seems to work for common cases, though.
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