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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-03-02.15:05:22
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The proposed patch 
1.implements a TODO for ClassBrowser . it was (sic)show function argument list? (have to do pattern matching on source).my patch does not do pattern matching in the real sense of the uses "imp" to import the module source and "inspect.getargspec" to get the function argument list.a new function called FormatArgumentList() is used to beautify and display only the relevant arguments.
in short,it displays the arguments for that function.previously, it was
def foo(...)
now it is,
def foo(bar1,bar2,*spam,**spam2,defaults=(5,))

2.Adds a human test dialog for ClassBrowser.

Currently there are no specific tests for ClassBrowser.
hence,i have also created test stubs for ClassBrowser.(ns:it is NOT present in this patch).
One way or another, will send in the patch which will add tests.(i'm waiting to know whether we go forward on 1 and 2).
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