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Date 2014-02-28.21:49:03
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On Feb 28, 2014, at 09:42 PM, Serhiy Storchaka wrote:

>Note that the changeset 6a1711c96fa6 introdused several errors (mostly tests
>failures), so it needs other changesets to fix it. Related changesets which
>should be cherry picked: 6a1711c96fa6, fa160c8145e5, efaf12106d68,
>7ecee9e0dc58, 10ea3125d7b8, 488ccbee6ee6.

Interestingly enough, the test failures don't seem to break the build, but do
seem to break the "DEP 8" tests, which are run on the built package and must
pass before the package is promoted to the primary archive.  It takes quite a
while to build Python for Ubuntu (since we do several builds, e.g. debug
builds, etc. along with all the tests), so I've just noticed this.

Thanks for listing the additional revisions that need to be cherry picked.  I
will investigate for Ubuntu, but it does convince me more that Larry should
attempt to pull these into 3.4.0.
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