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My patches (which I've backed away from now - between wheels and monkey patching Distutils from a, there are enough workarounds) also handled the fact that VS 2008 is no longer freely/officially available, and presumably VS 2010 will eventually go the same way. From my point of view, VC++ 2008 Express not including 64-bit compilers is less of a concern than VC++ 2008 Express not being available at all.

The Windows SDK is the only way that VC9 is distributed now, but it doesn't install the vcvarsall.bat file that Distutils needs. The same goes for the version of the SDK that includes VC10. These patches look in the registry for the actual paths, rather than just to find a batch file that isn't a component of the compiler.

(FWIW, the patches should be identical apart from some Python 2/3 differences - the version number is parameterised.)
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