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Date 2014-02-23.21:11:50
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I fail to see the bug in Python. minidom is behaving correctly. The error is in xmlrunner, which does

  error_info = str(test_result.get_error_info())
  failureText = xml_document.createCDATASection(error_info)

This is incorrect - it would have to check that error_info does not contain ]]> (since CDATA sections must not contain ]]>). If it finds ]]> in the error_info, it would have to create two CDATA sections, e.g. one up to and including ]], and the second one starting at > (repeated if there is more than one occurrence of ]]> in error_info.

Alternatively, it should just create a text node, since writing a text node will properly escape all special characters in error_info.
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