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Date 2014-02-23.18:17:00
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The installer currently leaves behind a single pyc file, namely 


I believe that the problem is that installer computes the list of files to be removed in the script generation phase, finding out what files match __pycache__\*.*. The _uninstall .pyc is not there yet. Then, during script execution, first pip uninstallation is run, creating the pyc file, then the (precomputed) list of files is removed.

In rc1, this was not a problem because PIP removal happened in the UI phase (i.e. before script execution); this was changed to support elevated privileges in #20641.

The simplest work-around could be to run pip uninstallation with -B. I just edited the MSI with orca, and that seems to work fine.

If anybody can suggest how installer could be instructed to remove the .pyc regularly through the RemoveFiles action, I'd appreciate any help.
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