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Author yselivanov
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Date 2014-02-21.23:36:51
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Another tweak in signature. Fixes #17159 once and for all (and will save Stefan from adding ugly hacks in Cython).

I'm not sure if it is a release blocker or can wait till 3.4.1; all I can say is that the change is relatively simple, as it shouldn't matter what we try first - from_function() or from_builtin(). It's your call.

changeset:   89320:d6aa3fa646e2
tag:         tip
user:        Yury Selivanov <>
date:        Fri Feb 21 18:30:53 2014 -0500
files:       Lib/ Lib/test/
inspect.signature: Check for function-like objects before builtins. Issue #17159
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