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Date 2014-02-16.01:57:03
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> Oh, another problem: if Python is compiled in shared module, cannot be found.
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH must also be copied if __cleanenv=True. Py_ENABLE_SHARED can be checked in
> sysconfig to decide if the environment variable should be copied or not.

The name of variable is specific to operating system.
Potentially incomplete list based on value of RUNSHARED variable in
  AIX:                                                      LIBPATH
  HP-UX:                                                    SHLIB_PATH
  Linux, GNU Hurd, *BSD, SunOS:                             LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  Mac OS X (with --enable-shared):                          DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
  Mac OS X (with --disable-shared and --enable-framework):  DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH
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