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> I try to be very careful.

It's great to be careful, but it is a smarter move to not change the test suite at all (except in cases where there is a known problem).  

There is almost zero benefit to the patch (i.e. the tests are currently not failing and have been stable for a long time).  You risk making a mistake, leaving an undetected hole in the tests, and increasing chances of future regression during normal maintenance.

Further, this patch churns the code away from what the original test case authors were thinking about when they were deeply engaged with the code.  That is why Guido wants only "holistic" refactorings.

Another issue is that if you make the extensive test suite changes, there is no case for backporting those changes (especially for Python 2.7).  But then, if the versions don't line up, it makes cross-version maintenance more difficult if an actual bug arises (i.e. the patches won't apply cleanly).

In short, I recommend that you please don't do this.  It isn't good for the project.   Thank you.
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