Author gagern
Date 2007-02-28.12:07:31
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At least for the header wrapping issue, adding a new handler to the default Generator implementation should provide an easy solution. I just created patch 968430 for this.

From mailman bug report 815297 I understand that there is a fix in mailman for this issue as well, but I believe this patch would be a fix any python program would want, not just mailman.

There remains an issue about leading space in headers, mentioned in that mailman problem report as well. The cause is an lstrip call in FeedParser. However removing that would probably break a lot of existing programs. And modifying all methods accessing the headers to remove or add leading space would be somewhat ugly. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to save the unmodified body for every multipart/signed message, so that it can be stored with the message and used without any modifications during generation.
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