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Author larry
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Date 2014-02-09.06:23:02
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I made a couple final tweaks to what was essentially Nick's patch:

* Argument Clinic wraps parameters in the signature at 72 columns
  instead of 79 columns.  There are a couple extra characters that
  get emitted, so this ensures that the generated lines are never > 80.

* Added an assert to typeobject.c that end - start > 2, so that 
  the subsequent assert on end[-1] is always a legal memory access.

* inspect._strip_non_python_syntax() now emits a space after commas in
  the signature, enhancing readability on the off chance that someone
  needs to read them.

* Added a couple extra tests for _strip_non_python_syntax().

Thanks for all the reviews and the fixes, everybody!
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