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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2014-02-09.00:08:05
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Installing 3.4b3 on Windows to test issue 20053, I was surprised to find that after installation, "pip install <package>" didn't work.

I had forgotten that due to the flat executable namespace on POSIX systems, we only install pip3 and pip3.4 by default - you have to pass "--default-install" to ensurepip to get it to install the unqualified "pip".

For virtual environments, we handle that in the venv module - it passes "--default-pip" when invoking the ensurepip CLI.

Given that Windows uses "python" for both Python 2 & 3 (in contrast to the POSIX python/python3 and python2/python3 conventions), perhaps we should be passing --default-install to ensurepip in the Windows installers as well?
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