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Date 2014-02-08.18:20:06
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The old header parsing code already decodes these, although it gets the spacing wrong if you do the standard str(make_header(decode_header(x))) dance.  The fix for the new header parsing code only handles the specific case of only encoded words surrounded by double quotes.  That's the only variation I've seen in the wild so far, so I think that may be enough.  To extend it to handle mixed regular text and encoded words would require rewriting the qcontent and ptext functions.  Possible, but not worth it unless a real use case turns up.  (Although, I think there might be a bug in quoted text parsing that may make that rewrite worthwhile later; but it is only a bug if you are actually walking the parse tree, it is not a functional bug.)

Oh, and I decided to treat this as a bug fix, not an enhancement, because the old parser code already did this decoding.
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