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Date 2014-02-08.17:58:19
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As I may have mentioned before, I *now* use the 'standard' one for Windows for each version of Python, as fetched by Tools/buildbots/external.bat. For 2.7 this is 8.5.2.  The reason I just noticed about a month ago is that I previously ran all repository builds with one version of tcl/tk, the latest -- and had no problems. When 3.4 switched to 8.6.0, I wanted to use that for the repository build also, but my impression is that 2.7 and 3.3 cannot run with 8.6. So I put each Python branch clone in a separate directory instead of side-by-side in one directory as recommended in the developer guide. (This is a nuisance.) I do not really understand why Windows users of 2.7 as saddled with such an old release of tcl/tk.

If there is nothing to be done about this, we can close it.
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