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Date 2014-02-06.14:43:42
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Here is the updated patch for gc module.

Some functions that can not be converted:
- set_threshold(threshold0, [threshold1, threshold2])
Don't know what default value to give to threshold1, threshold2.

static struct gc_generation generations[NUM_GENERATIONS] = {
    /* PyGC_Head,                               threshold,      count */
    {{{GEN_HEAD(0), GEN_HEAD(0), 0}},           700,            0},
    {{{GEN_HEAD(1), GEN_HEAD(1), 0}},           10,             0},
    {{{GEN_HEAD(2), GEN_HEAD(2), 0}},           10,             0},

- collect([generation])
Don't know what default value to give to generation.

int genarg = NUM_GENERATIONS - 1;

I don't think we can use expression in signature.

- get_referrers and get_referents
Don't know what signature to use for functions that can accept any number of arguments.
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