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Author zach.ware
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Date 2014-02-05.22:27:07
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Ok, current status of this issue as I see it:

  Objects/typeobject.c:    part of conglomerate patch, LGTM
  Objects/longobject.c:    awaiting revision based on review
  Objects/listobject.c:    part of conglomerate patch, LGTM
  Objects/floatobject.c:   part of conglomerate patch, two minor issues, otherwise LGTM
  Modules/resource.c:      part of conglomerate patch, LGTM (could use return converter, not essential)
  Modules/_threadmodule.c: untouched, held til 3.5
  Modules/_bz2module.c:    untouched, held til 3.5
  Modules/_bisectmodule.c: untouched, held til 3.5
  Python/marshal.c:        part of conglomerate patch, LGTM
  Objects/exceptions.c:    untouched, held til 3.5
  Modules/nismodule.c:     untouched, held til 3.5
  Modules/gcmodule.c:      awaiting revision based on review
  Python/_warnings.c:      untouched, held til 3.5
  Modules/_cryptmodule.c:  done in another issue

I'd like someone with more C experience to have a look at typeobject, floatobject, listobject, resource, and marshal to make sure I haven't missed anything (or led Vajrasky astray).  If someone else can ok them, I can get them committed.

Vajrasky: What's the status on gcmodule and longobject?
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