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Author taleinat
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Date 2014-02-04.22:39:16
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As the title suggests, this patch adds a second configuration dialog, used to configure extensions.

This is useful because many extensions have parameters, but setting them can only be done by editing a file. Also, the documentation for such parameters is hard to find (when it exists). Finally, it allows us (the IDLE devs) to add more default extensions, allowing users to easily configure them or disable them, all without cluttering the regular config dialog.

Regarding the patch, please note that it is from 5.5 years ago. Back then there was no scrollable frame that worked properly, so I implemented one which worked well enough for the config dialogs. I didn't test it thoroughly enough in other scenarios to suggest adding it to Tkinter.

I think that since then a proper scrollable frame was added to Tk, so that part of the patch is probably no longer necessary.
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