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Date 2014-02-02.22:03:52
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> I don't think so. Please read again the issue #20452, for example this

Ok, it looks better: waiting 99.9 ms took 99.6 ms and 99.9 ms, and waiting
9.9 ms took 9.7 ms. So as I said, the granularity (of 1 ms) is still needed
in asyncio (dt < timeout is sometimes False, but dt+granulary >= timeout is
always True).

Sorry, I still fail to see how waking up after 99.6ms instead of 99.9ms is
an issue: I've asked you several times to provide an actual example of a
problem, and you still haven't.

Once again: a slight early wakeup isn't an issue, you'll just call
epoll()/select() once again.
All even loops work this way, and noone ever complained.
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