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Author vajrasky
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Date 2014-02-01.15:35:15
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The converters argument in command line is still broken.

[sky@localhost cpython3.4]$ hg pull -u
pulling from
searching for changes
no changes found
[sky@localhost cpython3.4]$ ./python Tools/clinic/ --converters

Legacy converters:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Tools/clinic/", line 4131, in <module>
  File "Tools/clinic/", line 4063, in main
    print('    ' + ' '.join(c for c in legacy if c[0].isupper()))
  File "Tools/clinic/", line 4063, in <genexpr>
    print('    ' + ' '.join(c for c in legacy if c[0].isupper()))
IndexError: string index out of range

Unit test for exercising Tools/clinic/ using assert_python_ok would be good, but that deserves a dedicated ticket.

Here is the patch to fix the bug.
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