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If there is a discussion of sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 in the tutorial, then add a note that they are not supported in Idle. The only quick action on this issue would be to reject and close. I am still opposed to the proposal as presented, for reasons stated in my first message.

To expand a bit on what I said before: the prompts 'work', at least for the Windows console because
a) it is limited to fixed-pitch fonts, so that '>>>' and '...' have the same width;
b) its selection box is always a rectangle, so if one starts with the first character of a line and move down and right, the prompts are excluded.

I do not know what is true for *nix consoles, but neither is true for Idle. I would only tolerate the added nuisance of a secondary prompt if it were made to take up the same space (pixels) as the primary prompt so that indents could be 4 spaces instead of 8 space tabs.

If we were to get the prompts from the remote process, they should be sent as part of every normal response output instead of being a separate enquiry.

Part of my opposition to custom prompts is that the standard prompts, even though a nuisance, are instantly recognizable in messages. The can also be recognized and removed by code, as when pasting. See #1178, which I hope to act on soon. Neither is true of custom prompts.
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