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Author larry
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Date 2014-01-31.21:57:24
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Updated the patch.

* The "methoddef_ifndef" template is now sent to the "buffer"
  destination by default.  I expected posixmodule to have an #ifndef,
  I was surprised to find _import had one too.  Both files touched
  to move the buffer to an appropriate spot.

* Fixed the "original" "preset" so it explicitly sets all three new
  templates just like the actual default.

* Forgot a minor fix that was in revision 1: when generating the
  docstring for a function using optional groups, suppress the
  "self/type/module" first argument in the signature.  (The signature
  isn't parsable by inspect.Signature, so we go ahead and insert
  something user-readable like the docstrings before Argument Clinic
  used to do.)
* Changed _dbm.dbm.get to no longer use optional groups.  Why was it
  doing that in the first place?  There's now exactly one function
  checked in using optional groups, curses.window.addch.
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