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Date 2014-01-31.03:03:00
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Yep, I missed the PyThread_allocate_lock reference. As far as the Argument Clinic Derby, I've been following the python-dev list and reading about Argument Clinic, but I don't know enough about it to do the conversion. It's a really good tool from what I can tell. I'll have to study it some more so in the future I can possibly help with the conversions.

I see the threading module listed in <a href="">Issue #20185</a> (Derby #17), but no patch for it yet.

Forgive my newbness, but I omitted putting a reference to PyThread_allocate_lock in the comments because I was confused about what kind of reference you were talking about. Something about making sure Python users see "threading.Lock" instead of "PyThread_allocate_lock", or moving a statement like "to create a lock in C, call the PyThread_allocate_lock function" into the comments. If it's important for it to be there, could you let me know so I can make the edit?

Hopefully I have been of some help, instead of just wasting your time.
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