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Author r.david.murray
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Date 2014-01-31.01:18:02
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Thanks for working on this.  The patch looks pretty good.  I would prefer to flow the two lines in the Lock docstring as a paragraph, rather than have once sentence per line.  Also, the OP mentions that the docs for type(Lock) mention you want to look at fixing that as well?  As mentioned, it should reference Lock() instead.  The reference to PyThread_allocate_lock should be moved into comments in the type, IMO.

Also, this patch may be affected by the Argument Clinic Derby.  I don't know if the threading module is one of the ones that is being converted or not.  You can just ignore that issue since the full patch is needed for 3.3, but if you feel like figuring it out, and it is affected, you could produce an additional patch for 3.4.  Otherwise whoever applies your patch will figure out how to merge it.
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