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The standard library documentation lists the standard codec error handlers in three places:

(a) 2. Build-in Functions, section open()
(b) 7.2 codecs - Codec registry and base classes
(c) 7.2.1 Codec Base Classes

As far as I can judge these lists, (c) looks ok, but (a) and (b) contain two errors:
1. 'surrogatepass' is not mentioned.
2. 'surrogateescape' is described as: 
   'on decoding, replace with code points in the Unicode Private
   Use Area ranging from U+DC80 to U+DCFF. These private code points
   will ...' 
   This is incorrect in so far as U+DC80 to U+DCFF are not private 
   code points, but (low-)surrogate code points. This is correctly
   explained in (c) and in PEP383 (and, of course, in the Unicode 
   standard, chapter 16).

I suggest to correct (a) and (b) by
* adding 'surrogatepass' with the description given in (c),
* changing the description of 'surrogateescape' to something like: 
  'on decoding, replace with surrogate code points ranging from 
  U+DC80 to U+DCFF. These surrogate code points will ...'.

These errors are present in the documentation (more precisely, the .chm files) of at least 
- Python 3.3.3
- Python 3.3.4rc1
- Python 3.4.0b3.
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