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Date 2014-01-25.04:56:52
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Is there any reason why unconsumed_tail needs to be exposted?

I would suggest to instead introduce a boolean attribute data_ready than indicates that more decompressed data can be provided without additional compressed input.


# decomp = decompressor object
# infh = compressed input stream
# outfh = decompressed output stream
while not decomp.eof:
    if decomp.data_ready:
        buf = decomp.decompress(max_size=BUFSIZE)
        # or maybe:
        #buf = decomp.decompress(b'', max_size=BUFSIZE)
        buf =
        if not buf:
            raise RuntimeError('Unexpected end of compressed stream')
        buf = decomp.decompress(buf, max_size=BUFSIZE)

    assert len(buf) > 0

This is short, easily readable (in my opinion) and also avoids the problem where the decompressor blocks because it needs more data even though there still is an unconsumed tail.
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