Author lemburg
Date 2004-05-26.19:17:58
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I don't think we should change anything.

First of all, the lookup function interfaces to a codec
search function and these can raise all kinds of errors, so
it is not guaranteed that you will only see LookupErrors
(the same is true for most other Python APIs, e.g. most can
generate MemoryErrors). Possible other errors are
ValueErrors, NameErrors, ImportErrors, etc. etc. depending
on the search function that happens to process your request.

Second, the name you enter as argument usually maps to a
Python module and/or package name, so it *has* to be ASCII.
The fact that you can enter Unicode names for the codec name
if only by virtue of the automagical conversion of Unicode
to strings. Again, this happens in a lot of places in Python
and is not specific to lookup().

Closing this request.
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