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Date 2014-01-20.17:22:23
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Here is half-baked (just for demonstration) patch for the _curses and _curses_panel modules.

Known issues:

* The chgat, getstr, and instr methods have signatures which can't be processed by current Argument Clinic (issue20303).

* Signatures of the noutrefresh and refresh methods depends on compile-time options.

* Many other functions are defined optionally. But the #ifdef trick doesn't work with side file destination.

* A lot of functions are generated by preprocessor. We can't use Argument Clinic for them (if not increase the volume of code too much). I think preprocessor should be used to generate docstrings with signature (done in the _curses_panel module).

* Functions in these modules have not docstrings at all. I try to add docstrings (simplified descriptions from the documentation file), but may be we should do this in separate issue.

I have temporary added the window class to the _curses module and the panel classes to the _curses_panel modules. Now you can examine docstrings of _curses.window and _curses_panel.panel with pydoc.
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