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Author larry
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Date 2014-01-17.19:13:37
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If I removed support for all destinations except files, I might
be able to remove fifty lines or so.  However, I'm not planning
on doing that.  Does cryptmodule.c, which has exactly one function,
really need a 20-line separate file?

Also, the "file" approach often requires rearranging the file
before it will work, like moving struct declarations (or at
least making forward declarations) before the #include of
the generated file.

The change of "args" to "_args" is me planning ahead a little;
I plan to add the ability to get "args" and "kwargs" passed in
to the impl function, both visibly to the signature, or silently
(for bizarre functions like module_connect() in
Modules/sqlite/connect.c).  It would be possible to do this
without renaming them, but then a) it would slightly complicate
the approach I plan to take, and b) it would mean adding those
ugly "_value" suffixes where they aren't strictly necessary.
So I elected to bite the bullet and have the code churn now,
in the middle of this patch that already has some code churn.

However, I've been thinking about it all morning, and maybe
I should just bite the bullet and make the code generator
understand values whose name is different in the parsing and
impl functions.

(By the way, my next major patch, enabling signatures to work
for all the other builtin types besides simple functions,
will have lots of unavoidable code churn.  You are forewarned!)
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