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Author larry
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Date 2014-01-16.03:16:18
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I don't see the big win from this.  You can rename variables in C any way you like.  "functionname as c_basename" is to fix otherwise unavoidable collisions; this seems like a nice-to-have.  And I already have a lot on my plate.  I could consider it later but the priority for this is below converting functions.

Georg: I remind you that nearly every parsing function already has a variable called "args".  To allow you to have a parameter called "args" would mean I'd have to have really complicated internal structure, where
the variable I declare in the parsing function would have a different
name from the parameter to the impl function.  Do you really have a
burning, nearly incandescent need for this feature?

Zachary: You could minimize the size of the diff by using nested scopes:

/*[clinic end generated code: checksum=...]*/
   int use_overlapped = overlapped;
   LP_OVERLAPPED overlapped;
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