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Date 2014-01-14.17:31:57
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Proposed patch adds support for non-bitwise unsigned integer arguments in Argument Clinic. I.e. now unsigned_int(bitwise=False) (or just unsigned_int) converts Python int in range from 0 to UINT_MAX to C unsigned int. Added support for unsigned_short, unsigned_int, unsigned_long, unsigned_PY_LONG_LONG, and size_t.

Also added global private functions _Py_UnsignedShort_Converter(), _Py_UnsignedInt_Converter(), _Py_UnsignedLong_Converter(), _Py_UnsignedLongLong_Converter(), and _Py_Size_t_Converter(), which are used by Argument Clinic and in C code still not converted to Argument Clinic.
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