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The existing tests in, half of which I wrote based on the ones that existed, have one or two deficiencies that are copied in the patch.

First, they are not proper unittests. They test get_argspec indirectly by calling .fetch_tip and get_entity. This lead to the new private parameter, which will not be needed for the existing tests when get_argspec is called directly with objects.

Adding more tests for get_entity, beyond the one in already, is a different issue. The function is mostly a wrapper for eval(), which we may assume works correctly.

Second, the doubling resulting from putting expected output in docstrings seems a bit flakey. It certainly does not test cases with no docstring or multiple-line docstrings.

I am working on a revised patch. (Also, the unittest call was added with and I want it left.)

In 2.7. get_argspec is get_arg_text, with a different implementation. Backporting to 2.7 will require some adjustments.
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